EERVC is a new small animal veterinary conference designed to serve the continuing education needs of veterinarians in the wider Eastern European region. The conference will offer cutting-edge international speakers, the largest regional trade exhibition and unparalleled opportunities for professional networking during an affordable, high-quality, 3-day annual meeting that will rotate each year between different countries.

Our mission is to advance the veterinary profession in Eastern Europe.

EERVC is a not-for-profit organization that will reinvest all conference profits into the annual event and improving professional standards in the region. EERVC is managed by a Project Board joined together under a European Economic Interest Group partnership. The founding partners in this Board are the Small Animal Veterinary Associations of Croatia, Romania and Serbia, working together with the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA). BSAVA has invested in EERVC as part of its remit as a registered charity and is offering its expertise gained from 60 years of BSAVA Congress.



Who are EEVC?

The voting members of the EERVC Partnership and their affiliations are shown below.

The team all work in a voluntary capacity and are supported by a regional PCO and BSAVA permanent staff.

Dr Denis Novak
EERVC Chairman
Dr Lea Krezinger
Dr Robert Popa Professor Michael J. Day
Past-President BSAVA